Tillie and the Wall

A group of year 3 and year 4 children, who have been learning to speak German,  took part in a project called 'Tillie and the Wall'. First they read the book (above), which told the story of some mice living on either side of an enormous wall. Next, the children imagined how they would feel if they were separated from people they cared about by a wall. They found out that in Berlin in Germany there used to be a wall that divided the city and stopped people from being with some of their friends and family. They wrote their feelings about this and made a list of adjectives. Then they translated the adjectives into German and wrote them onto paper bricks and built their own Berlin Wall of Feelings.

Our Berlin Wall of Feelings

Next the children dramatised the story of 'Tillie and the Wall'. They filmed it and showed it to the rest of the school in assembly. You can see snapshots of it below.