Eden Camp Year 5/6 Class Trip

On the way to Eden Camp Miss Herrick read the 'Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' to us. She also told us some jokes to make sure we were not bored on the trip to Eden Camp. At lunch we were in a mess hut that was used in World War 2.  By Danielle Smith


'In the Blitz'

In the blitz hut, it was so scary and realistic, it included loads of amazing features like smoke which was a bit strong. Also, it was as frightening as seeing a ghost, the worst thing for me was seeing the disgusting little rat because I hate rats. In the blitz hut, were it was extremely dark, there was things falling through the ceiling like an old wooden bed and some ancient toys. By Corey

In the Blitz hut we saw how people lived in WW2. The Blitz was a scary hut because the sound was scary.
By Polina

Around Eden Camp

When we went to Eden Camp, I saw a little, tiny hut with a metal helmet and a wooden gun inside the hut. We all rushed to it I got there first so it was my turn, I grabbed the helmet and put it on my head it was heavy, the gun was so light. When I shut my eyes it actually felt like I was a Concentration Guard in World War 2. By Rihanna  

In Eden Camp there were lots of different huts, planes and tanks.The tank was a model of a real tank. At the entrance there was a huge plane, which was looked cool and amazing. In the every hut there were some facts about that hut. By Rhea

Shelters in WW2

When we saw the Anderson Shelter it was all made out of metal. When we went inside the Anderson Shelter it was all dark and gloomy and it was very scary. In World War 2 the Anderson shelter would of been much darker but we wore outside in in the sun but in the people in World War 2 in the shelters it would of been much darker. By Aimee

The Morrison Shelter is a table and if a bombs drops or something like that happens you go inside it and you sleep in it. By Branan

In the hut (Britain prepares) you could see lots of interesting gas masks, also you could see a black and white photograph of a horse wearing a gas mask but it was a different one compared to human ones. Also, we learned that babies didn't have gas masks instead they had a little suit that protected them from gas bombs. We also learned that people, who stayed at home, wore gas masks and the reason why they wore gas masks was because they thought Germans were going to drop gas bombs but they never did. By Everita

Outside there was a model of an Anderson Shelter so we went inside and felt like we were in WW2. It was strange at first but we finally got the hang of being in it because we wanted to feel like we were in a real Anderson Shelter during WW2 hearing planes and bombs. It was in our imagination but in our heads it felt like we was really in WW2 with bombs dropping, planes flying past but it was all in our imagination seeing everything. By Leylen

In the U-boat hut, there was a big, red button that said 'Do not press' but I pressed it any way because I felt like it. When I walked in the floor was weird and their was a window that had someone who was
peeking through. Inside the hut it was very realistic and I had so much fun inside the hut because there was a toilet which Cole(A person in my group) sat on it and it was so funny and the button made an noise.
By Madison

In the hut u-boat they is a big red botton what says "Don't touch" but I think everybody did press it. When you pressed the button it made this siren noise also in the u-boat it shows you what the boats were like in world war. By Molly

When the WW2 happened, lots of people were evacuated. Most children were sad, upset, crying and missed their families. They were sent on big, long trains and take only a couple of bags also they could take a teddy if they wanted. They would have a tag on their coat or somewhere else to say their age and name. By Katy

The evacuees were evacuated on a  train. The children, who were evacuated,  had number on their bags. They were scared because they didn't know where they were going. Their parents had written on a tag to give  the person who got them some information about the child. By Joshua