• Homework books will be given out every Friday (sometimes Mondays).
  • Homework books are due in on a Thursday morning.
  • If homework is not completed, children will miss Golden Time on Friday afternoons to catch up.
  • If homework is regularly not completed then an intervention will be put in place, where your child will miss play times to catch up.
  • All children will be rewarded for each completed piece of homework.



Each week children will have set of weekly spellings to practise, which they will be tested on the following Friday morning. On the back of most spelling sheets there will be space for the children to write their own sentences which include some of the spelling words. Please encourage your child to create interesting sentences. Remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Each week children will be tested on their times tables. By the end of year 2, children are expected to know their 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. Please encourage your child to practise these multiplications each week.


Reading books will be swapped every Friday. Please read with your child as much as possible over a week (this can also include a book from home). There is space at the back of this homework book if you wish to leave a comment regarding your child’s reading. Remember reading at home can also be sharing a book or reading a bedtime story.


Homework books are not marked, but they are looked at careful every week and records are kept on homework completed.