What are we learning this term?

This term, our topic is What a Wonderful World

We will be learning about environments and spaces that are familiar to us, such as our home and our school. 

We will look at who lives in our homes, our families and our pets. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are there any pets at your house?

What is there at Day Care that you enjoy? Is playing inside or outside your favourite?

We will all help to make a display about what is local to us, including the River Freshney, our school and our home.

Do you go to the park or to the beach? What can you do there?

If you have a photo of you and your family having fun, please either bring it in so we can copy it or email it to us and we will add it to our photo album.

We will look at how to keep our environment clean and tidy and learn about recycling. 

As well as learning all about our environment, we will enjoy making crafts and tasting food to help us  celebrate Chinese New Year.

Learning about Chinese New Year leads us in to looking at different environments further afield and what lives there. Safari animals and hot weather, polar animals and cold weather are just 2 of the environments we will cover.

Before we know it, it will be Easter and we will be making lots of themed crafts. 


We have a busy term ahead!





What are we reading?

This term, we will be reading Play time and also Bed time as these focus on things we do every day. We will also read Peek-a -boo with my friends. These will help us understand different aspects of our day, and find out about our friends.