Career's Fair - Macaulay Academy


Our Year 6s were invited to Macaulay's Careers Fair.

We did some work before the visit on 'what we want to be when we are older' and then we spoke to all the different people at the fair to ask them questions about their careers.

There were lots of different people at the fair in Macaulays' hall with a variety of careers. Between all the year 6s and the staff I think we managed to speak to them all and we learnt of a lot of interesting facts about them and their jobs. 

Below are a few of the professions we were able to find out about and a few thoughts about them from our Year 6s.

Driving Instructor

The driving instructor was is interesting because he told me loads of information  that I didn't know , one of the facts was when they teach people the teacher has a brake just incase the driver doesn't stop. By Jake.

Football Referee (our very own Mr Cadman) 

I saw the football referee and it was interesting because I didn't know you had to go through a referees course when you're 14 or older. By Aaron Palmer

Turbine Engineer

I spoke to the Turbine Engineer, who is called Ben Herrick, he said that the combustion can is worth 10,000 pounds, which is a lot of money. By Elliot.

Tesco Worker

At the career fair, I went to the Tesco workers and I talked to Lauren and she gave her job a 10 out of 10 and also she really likes doing the job. Lauren said that she likes to help people and you have to get a degree to get a job in Tesco. By Lacey Bloomfield - Cox.

When I saw the Tesco worker, whose name is Lauren, she said every day is different at Tesco and you need A levels as well as a degree. By Bethany.



If you want to be a doctor you will need to pass your MBBS. Also, you will need to train for 5 years. I found the doctor interesting because me and Elliot got to listen to each others heart and we also got to wear a costume, which contains a mouth mask, a  t shirt and a hairnet. You would have need to wear it so bugs in your hair don't fall into the body. By Brooklyn

Veterinary Nurse

Emma (the vet nurse ) was really interesting because we got to see two dog skulls, x-rays of dogs and things they had to get out of dogs stomachs by operation. By Erica Cleaver.  

Scuba Diving Instructor

Kevin the Scuba diver was interesting because he told me that if you go to university and study archaeology when you go scuba diving you can explore ancient shipwrecks and you can pick up old treasures. Also you can identify bones and sea creatures. By Deon.   

Kevin, a scuba  diving instructor, told us very interesting information about his job. He told us you had to get a degree in Archaeology. Being a scuba diving instructor wasn't Kevin's job it was his hobby. Kevin took lots of under water pictures he also said you can explore shipwrecks. By Tegan

The scuba diving instructor, Kevin, was very interesting. He told us that you had to get a degree in Archaeology to scuba dive professionally. He didn't do it professionally, it was his hobby but he did take pictures under water of fish. He did know a lot about scuba diving and how to do it. By Lexar  


The Paramedic, who gets to save peoples lives, was interesting because he gets to travel around the world, which will be fun. By Cole


Dog Trainer

Mel the dog trainer, who has been working there for 35 years, was doing lots of dog performances with
Lassie and Malcolm, their most interesting trick was teaching the brothers how to dance it was incredible, they could also tap dance. by Madison Fulcher