Mr Wilkinson and Miss Herrick - trip to Poland

After a full day at school and parents evening we have finally arrived at the hotel. Its 2:15am and apparently the catherdral Miss Herrick can see from her bedroom window will start ringing its bells at 6:00am..... oh dear.


Yes the bells did ring... if you go to our twitter feed on the home screen you will be able to see and hear the view from the hotel at 6:30 this morning. 


Today we we went to a different city called Malbork. Here we spent a few hours walking around their enormous castle! We had a tour guide who told us lots of interesting facts. Most of which was about how a lot of it got destroyed during WWII by armies invading Poland. The inside grounds of the castle reminded Mr Wilkinson of the castle in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If you look at the twitter feed on the front page you will see some photos from today. There is one where we are sitting on the old Grand Master's throne (we felt very important!) 

We have also eaten some Polish food today. Miss Herrick got very excited as there was cake on offer at breakfast. In the evening we went to a restaurant for food with some other teachers from schools near Lincoln, we all shared a big steamed pot of meat and veg and a bucket (yes an actual bucket) of chips - this made Mr Wilkinson happy! 

Tomorrow the plan is to go to a Music School, so we shall report back tomorrow with what we see/hear then. 


Today (after eating cake for breakfast) we headed off to the Music School. We went into quite a few classes, first was a class with 18 year olds and they were looking at a poem written in English - it was a little bit like one of our guided reading lessons but much harder!! Got a few ideas for our year 6's - watch out! 

Then we went back to the staffroom and ate cake...

After that we had a tour around the school and went into different classes, this time they were aged 6/7/8. They were learning English and one little boy asked me if I spoke Polish - luckily I had already learnt what 'no' was in Polish, he laughed, phew! 

More cake...

Next we went into a Computing class with 12/13 year olds. This was a fab lesson, we were asked to join in, this involved singing along to Ed Sheeran, Miss Herrick volunteered but it turned out that Mr Wilkinson was Ed Sheeran's double. Check out the twitter feed for the video of Mr Wilkinson singing!

Seriously ...more cake

We then were the special guests at a Music concert. We were amazed at what we were watching - a 6 year old playing a saxophone. WOW. On the twitter feed is a video of 6 young guitars players, they were my favourite!

Then we had lunch in the dining room, pork, potatoes and beetroot...... and cake. 

That was then the end of the day so we headed back to the hotel. However we felt like exploring a bit so we got on a tram and headed out to see more of the city.

Really great day had by all.



Another packed day in Poland! Today we went to an SEN school and watched an amazing lesson in a Sensory Room. This school had students aged 3-20 years old and the older students take part in lessons like D&T. Some even live at school as they are from out of the area. 

Of course there was cake.

After lunch we travelled to a town called Formbork, this town only has 1 school and this school happens to be our link school throughout work with the International Schools Award. We were met by a 15 year old who spoke perfect English. She showed us around her school and this was the school that is most like ours. 

We then went into a classroom and ate some cake and listened to some of their older students give speeches in English. We could understand every word even though some of them were so nervous. 

Mr Wilkinson gave them our presents: school jumper, rubbers, pencils, bookmarks and some sweets. There is a picture of a student in our school jumper on the twitter feed. They gave us some presents which we will be able to show you when we get back - if they survive the aeroplane!

I think we were the first British visitors to the town so they pulled all the stops out and showed us around the cathedral, they even got the organist to play the 2 huge organs in the cathedral, which sounded amazing. We also saw Nicholas Copernicus's grave. He was the astronomer who realised that the Earth and all the planets orbit the Sun, rather than the accepted theory at the time which said the Sun and the planets orbited the Earth.

We then climbed a very high tower which overlooked the whole town, Miss Herrick took photos and survived the climb too! From this tower we could actually see Russia! It was a beautiful day and was fantastic to share this moment with other teachers from St Peter at Gowts (near Lincoln) and the students and teachers from Formbork school! 

Sad to say that this was the last day visiting schools, we felt like we have learnt so much and have plenty to bring back to Littlecoates.