Safer Internet Day 2017

Well done to the e-cadets who hosted yet another fab assembly. This time it was in celebration of Safer Internet Day which was being promoted all around the world.

This year the topic was on 'Online Photos'. We looked at what you need to think about before posting a photo online:

1) Does it have any personal information in the photo?

2) Have you asked the people in the photo for their permission to put it on the internet?



We also talked about that photos are not always real and some could have been faked. 

Not every thing on the internet is reliable (smaRt)


Finally we talked about commenting on photos and how those comments about your photo might make you feel. 

We agreed that a lot of comments are nice but some can make you very upset. We now know that people who are nasty to you on the internet could be Cyber-bullies.