Questions about moving to Secondary school?

Look at these questions our Year 6's have asked and the answers our ex-pupils pupils have provided.

JW - John Whitgift (Demi & Leo Year 7), OA - Ormiston Academy (Mollie Year 7), CY - Caistor Yarbrough (Shakira - Year 7)

How often do you do P.E?

JW - Once per week on a Friday

OA - Twice a week

CY - Twice a week

How many classes do you have?

JW - 25 classes, but some lessons I have more than once like Maths and English

OA - 5 per day

CY - 6 per day

What do you do at playtime?

JW - I sit with my friends and chat about stuff. I run around the quad.

OA - I go into the canteen or sit outside

CY - You can go to the library but Year 7 have their own tennis court

Are there nice people there?

JW - Yes there are lots of nice people, including teachers

OA - Yes there is

CY - There are loads of nice people

What’s the food like?

JW - There is lots of choice and some healthy stuff too. There is a range of food and you can pick what you want.

OA - The food is delicious. There are pizzas and pasta and more

CY - The food is really nice, you get a different choice everyday e.g meatballs, fish and chips etc.


How long do you get for dinner and break?

JW - 15 mins break, 35 mins at dinner (but you lose 5 mins if you have been naughtly)

OA - 20 mins break and 40 mins at dinner

CY - 20 mins break and 47 mins at dinner

What happens if people are not nice to me?

JW - You go to your Head of Year. You will get told your Head of Year when you start here.

OA - You go to your Head of Year and they will sort it out.

CY - You can go to the Year 7 Head of Year

Where do you go if you hurt yourself?

JW - You go to the attendance office and they will tell you where a first aider is. You can tell the dinner staff and they will help you.

OA - You go to the medical room

CY - You go to the reception and they will get you a first aider

Do you get a timetable?

JW - You get a timetable which tells you what lesson it is, where it is and who you have.

OA - Yes you do

CY - Yes and it's for the whole year

When does school start and finish?

JW - Starts at 8.15am and finishes at 2.40pm

OA - Starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.55pm

CY - Starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.40pm 

"I have enjoyed moving up to secondary school. I was worried at first but I soon settled in. I made a lot of new friends. ICT is the best lesson for me because you get to design games and test them. You will all have a fab time" Leo